54 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: Vienna, Austria
Sex: Male
Language: English, Spanish, German
Height: 183 cm (6' 00")
Body type: Average
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

About me

Conversation between the island and the sea:

"beautyfully written" said the Island..." but there is soooooo much water"..- the sea though touched the Island's hair and caressed her face, explaining his stormy love to her in sparkling, overwhelmingly and sinsational ways.
"YOU won't see MY land" the island told him off, abrasively as she was and just laid there, uncanningly sexy and with a bedazzlingly sexy sparkle....
The sea though laid down at her feet and approached her twice a day to hug her...
until one night the island sank into the sey, taken away by a wave of lust and love..

or so they say....- but do YOU believe in fairy tales?!

p.s. here is a sort of ID code for ME:

insinuosly charming, frivolously sexy vienese "verbal painter"...

"Rrrromantic globetrotter" (who's looking for his home in her eyes).. straight(!) man, living and working between Vienna and Europe...I enjoy to travel much..

You might find me "wired"... (high voltage energy).. stimulating, inspiring, unconventional.... very direct and mobile...

a flexible independent mind attracts me.....as does genuine passion AND sexual intruige -with the appetite to act upon it.......

Your looks mean something...... -
IF that also translates into a beautyful brain to match....
AND a heart that's bigger then the ego, that normaly comes with this sexy combination......

If you want passion, smarts wicked fun...and a "down-to-earth" attitude in your man....AND you believe you can handle my direct,
at times disarming, yet charming honesty then it would be my pleasure... to meet you for a "conversation"....in whatever format you like to choose?

hope you'll enjoy the ride with me....;-)

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