36 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: Egypt
Sex: Male
Language: English
Height: 185 cm (6' 01")
Body type: Athletic
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black

About me

i am in poland now

I am generous and like to give very expensive gifts but I don't want to pay a fee for affection as i don't search for escort girls here. I hope that's clear.also, I like travel and even I hosted many people in my home as I am couchsurfing active membar

P.S: I'm good-looking,educated, intelligent guy and you will never be bored with me, I promise ;-)
i like to give the gifts just for my friends who make me happy:))))

Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go,
be what you want to be. Because you have only one life and
one chance to do all the things you want to do. "

If you're open-minded, drama-free, if you don't make excuses for you are, and you know what you want from life, feel free to write! and you are welcome to be my guest on my summer house near red sea:))))))))))

Why is it hard for men to find women who are sensitive,
caring and good looking?
Because those women already have girl friends :))))))))))))))))

hi i am Chemist Engineer but some time work as White Gold Dealer and I like to enjoy all of the good things that life offers from asian restaurants, to win tasting to live music. I enjoy meeting new people who are genuinely nice and have a zest for life.I'm open-minded or at least I perceive myself to be so.
I enjoy talking to people, love visiting new places and always get very excited about it. If I could do anything in the world, I think the choice would be travelling. :) i traveled to many europian countries and i am search now for my travel company hope to find her soon
actually,I am looking for a travel friend for a short or long trip . To make it very clear i try to find my angel. I just want to join me for travel. And we will have fun together and may be long relation if we like each other. Anything else is optional, and we can discuss this later.........

i just comeback from swiss after nice trip there and my next travel plan will be to ukraine or poland :))))))))))

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