48 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: Helsingborg, Sweden
Sex: Male
Language: Spanish, Swedish
Height: 183 cm (6' 00")
Body type: Average
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

About me

I ´m a normal person. I do not look for sex, I look for helping a girl, a friend, to get a better life.

I´m single with no kids or x-wife. I have though (close) female friends.

I don´t drink, smoke or use drugs. I have never committed a crime. I´m a calm and thoughtfull person.

I use a light medicine for calmness/anxiety which works wonderfully. Like an sweet and tender person. The side effect is that I have lost interest and capability in sex, but I like physical contact like to cuddle, hug my friends and so like.

I´m not a man of wealth, I have normal interests and are considered to be intelligent,creative and helpfull. II have lived in Latinamerica 2 years recently.

I don´t have opinions about what you want to work or study.

If you want to work or study in Sweden I can give advice and help as far as my resourses admits.

If you get workpermit in Sweden I only demand that you pay half or my small rent and half of food and the like.

I want a serious friendship. I have met people of many kinds during my life. Of course I like pretty girls the most. The inside, emotions, dreams, plans, initiative, weakness, will, all that I take into account.

In Sweden and nearby Denmark and Norway you can find unskilled work that pays rather well under good working-conditions.

If you look for professional work I can help you with all the paperwork necessary.

I know many girls are into escort/stripping. You can live with me and work in closeby Denmark with this. I can only give advice, but not participate in any kind for legal reasons.


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