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City, Country: Philippines
Sex: Female
Language: English
Height: 155 cm (5' 01")
Body type: Athletic
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Looking for: Friends, Adventure, Soulmate, Job

About me

*Welcome to the other side of the looking glass*

My name is MAFFIE *M.A.F.F.I.E.*
Just like you i am as well HUMAN.
My heart beats, i get pain, and my wound produce blood, and my brain works well, I used to get emotionally pain and of course physically pain.
I get tired, i rest, i sleep, i get hungry,thirsty and get full,Just like you I am a HUMAN being also.
(please do not discriminate me)

I was born for the year of 1985 and have progress my life the many more years that i am having on this earth, I must say i have fun life it was soo hard the moment i was just starting my life but then the more i deal with it the more life goes easier and fun for me. So i guess whats happening to me is just a part of things happen as a human being.

Straight to the point of describing my self: I am TRANS/TRANSSEXUAL am pre-op, i had my breast implant i had progress of improving my self as being a woman. the person in the photo and the person wrote this description is genuine ME.

So so far that is just all about me, Oh by the way one thing to know....

*I am karma believer
*I believe in god who ever he is
*Believe in fairy tales do come true
*Respect and accept everyone's opinion
*Open minded and Enjoying life to the fullest

Good day
Huggsss tight

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