66 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: Krailling, Germany
Sex: Male
Language: English, German
Height: 180 cm (5' 11")
Body type: Slim
Eyes: Green
Hair: Grey

About me

I sailed 100,000 km in my life and visited 60 Countries. Lately I circumnavigate the globe in an easier style by plane. I do it once or twice a year now. This globe is my home. I love to travel. I am a bit of a restless soul. Skiing is my absolute passion.

I am independent man, who does not want to end up to be a "constant work in progress" of a woman who has this urge to change me for "the better".
There is only one way to authentically change, and that is by looking inside, see what one does not like and then go through the hard work and change it at one’s free will.
I will respect you for what you are and if I see we are not compatible, I hope you see it too and we move on.

I might approach 60 but my sexual drive is stronger today when I was 30.
So if you are not a friend of rolling between the sheets stop reading here.

With me it will be, "What you see is what you get", always, because I know who I am and do not have to play games.

If you think that you are emancipated and therefore I should bend over backwards to fulfil your demands, again I am not your man. I look for an authentic person, who does not have to play the cliché of an emancipated woman, because she also knows who she is without all that.
At times I will give you a hard time, because I know what I want. I do not suck up.

You can talk to me about any topic and I will be able to hold my own, whether it is about Psychology, Economics, Science, Spirituality or Politics.
I love taking risks. It makes me feel alive.

If you are still interested after what you read, drop me a line.

If you are the right gal, I love to take you along on a ski, dive or hike trip somewhere on this glorious planet.
If you are looking for someone to cling to where you can fulfil your shortcomings and develop an interdependent relationship, I am not your man, because I look for a woman who knows who she is and wants to be respected for exactly that.

But I can give you security, warmth and support when you feel down if you let me. I will be there for you the time you spend with me. You will have my fullest attention.
I know I ask a lot, because I am not a friend of mediocrity.

I know that these special women exist. I hope you are one of them.
If you like what you read, drop me a line.

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