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City, Country: United Kingdom
Sex: Female
Language: English, French, Italian
Height: 160 cm (5' 03")
Body type: Slim
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Looking for: Friends, Adventure

About me

Could you be my new partner in crime?

I’m a crazy, complex, unique individual - just like you! I'm also sarcastic at times, observant and somewhat mischievous. I like to express myself as much as I can through drawing, photography, literature, creating things, writing (stories, generally) and conjuring things from my *sometimes* disturbing imagination. Anything to do with the human mind, or psychology/criminology, in general, enraptures me. I'd say I have a feminine yet playful nature.I have a deep desire to travel some day, to all the countries I'd like to visit. Visited quite a few, but looking forward to seeing more of the world.

I would seriously wither in a dark, cold hole without music, laughter or chocolate. I consider people generally enthralling, therefore I like making new friends. I believe it’s uttermost and foremost to be positive in life, and never to take yourself too seriously; life is too important to be taken seriously! I’m a complete and utter nerd, so I’ve been told; I like video games, reading, dressing up, studying biology and history, technology, anime, fantasy and etc!

I relish the feeling of accomplishment, I love to make people happy; when you see a person without a smile, give them yours. I like it when others teach me something new! In addition, I like people who challenge me. I can be really stubborn.

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