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City, Country: Walnut Creek, United States
Sex: Female
Language: English
Height: 167 cm (5' 05")
Body type: Athletic
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Looking for: Adventure, Soulmate

About me

I'm a strong, independent woman who is looking for someone like minded... works to live; doesn't live to work. I live in New England and love the area; but plan on finding a new start within the next 6-8 months.

I'm educated, intelligent, and have a passion for life that allows me to do pretty much whatever intrigues me at any given time. I'm passionate about travel, and love to dance/read/learn. I'm an outdoorsy type of girl who likes to camp, hike, kayak, ski, and sit by the fire. I like country music and classic rock.

I also like museums, operas, musicals, and classical music when driving through serene country sides. I'm equally comfortable in heels and a dress as boots and jeans.

I recently discovered I really enjoy history, and have spent the last few years chasing down some of my country's most significant historical sites world wide. Loving every minute of it...

Although I'm not opposed to just meeting new people and running off for an adventure, I'd really like to meet someone I can click with, and whose company I truly enjoy...

(Please don't be married or over 40... I don't think our interests would match up much outside of traveling...)


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