32 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: Paris, France
Nationality: French
Sex: Male
Language: English, French, Arabic
Height: 171 cm (5' 07")
Body type: Athletic
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

About me

Well, what can I say about myself? Hum ... I am the only son of my parents, I am an easy going boy, shy, caring, who loves life and every good things in life, Simple things tend to please me and I like them as they come and I live from day to day, following decency and my inspiration. I instruct my life with the rule of the 3E: Enthusiasm, Energy and Efforts! If I want something, I switch on creativity; I pull all my energy, put all efforts and sometimes let the hazards do it all! In people I value HONESTY, most of all. And I believe: “do not deceive and never will be deceived”. I’m passionate, unpredictable, enthusiastic and curious. I am emotional. I express my feelings and don’t bottle things up. I say what I’m thinking. Also, I’m a quiet boy but sometimes clumsy and usually stubborn, down to earth, intellectual and more serious in what I do. And I’m highly competitive and achieve every goal I put in front of myself. I enjoy TRAVELING around the world and I travel a lot, I have been across all most known European countries, I love to hang-out in the green parks, in the old streets of Paris, spend quiet moments in the library, and go to the cinema or stay home to relax and sometimes just pick up the first train to London and spend the weekend in the City with friends and to see my parents. I love eating Italian Pizza and to drink hot chocolate “that’s mon péché mignon”. So, talk to me. Say something random. Take risks, you only live once.

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