55 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: Athens, Greece
Sex: Male
Language: English, Greek
Height: 176 cm (5' 09")
Body type: Average
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

About me

I am a traveller by nature, sometime in a previous life I was probably a nomad.
I am an adventurous guy who knows which are the important things in life ... freedom! :-))
I have a good sense of humour but am always serious about people, which is why I probably have many good friends, even though I am a very private person by nature.
When I was a boy I was dreaming of travelling the world. I have done only a quarter of that.
It leaves a lot to do still ... right?
I am also interested to learn new languages, particularly Russian and French.
I am looking for some magic really adventurous girl (age doesn't matter) who is a bit of a nomad and road warrior to plan new adventures.

P.S. No more escort messages please ... there are enough escorts here where I live. The same with the thousands of scammers.

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