45 years

Last activity: yesterday

City, Country: Miami, United States
Nationality: American
Sex: Male
Language: English, Spanish
Height: 172 cm (5' 07")
Body type: Average
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

About me

Life is a journey; every journey needs a hero, every hero needs a princess.

Now in my forties, personal life took the back seat until I achieved my goals. Separated/Divorced since 2002. No Kids.

I'm like a dessert with an acquired taste, you may like me, you may not like me, though I have been known to grow on people, so you are welcome to try. Just relax and be yourself.

By the way, what does a "fun guy" means?

College educated, outdoors lover, well traveled (have visited 41 countries and counting!). I have lived in Europe 5+ years (Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium), Caribbean 18+ years (Puerto Rico), USA 7+ years (St. Petersburg, Miami), Asia 7+ months (Hong Kong, China) and South America 17+ years (Ecuador, Chile). Travel between Europe and the Americas a couple of times per year (would you like to travel with me?).

As you can expect, I am open minded, being exposed since childhood to different cultures through traveling and living abroad. I haven't got tired of learning, in fact, I'm addicted to it. I'm curious to know how this world works. I love the fun of discovery.

I am looking for an accomplice that helps me in masterminding my how-to outline for global domination, as things just work better with a plan. But when we are not pursuing world tyranny, we will enjoy lots of other stuff like things outdoors, things indoors (wink,wink), movies, good food and traveling (and more things indoors) :)

If the above has caught your attention, then I should tell you that I am also looking for a partner in crime and a travel companion. Someone who is tired of living a regular, boring life and is not afraid to engage into an adventure and exploration (without the worries $): to discover new places, new cultures, new experiences. Visit historic sites, museums, art galleries as well as having fun partying all night if the mood is right. Someone eager to learn and create exciting memories in their younger years...

Btw, what is the difference between a man and a boy? The cost of their toys! :) if you understand the sad truth behind this joke, if you are tired of confusing men from boys and tired of falling for the "face" and/or "body" just to get disappointed, then, I can offer you something completely new, refreshing to your life.

Life is unsure; always eat your dessert first! :) ah! and I am a fun guy!

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