38 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: Faro, Portugal
Sex: Male
Language: English, Dutch, Portuguese
Height: 175 cm (5' 09")
Body type: Athletic
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

About me


I'm Miguel and let meet tell you a little about myself...

I love, ''LOVE'' to travel and meet interesting people. I was born and grew up in South Africa (in the southern part) up until I was 20. I absolutely loved it!

I moved to Europe about 10 years ago. Ive been living and working in England(London) for most of that time, but last year I moved my base from London to a lovely city in the south of Portugal called Faro. For the past 6 years Ive been taking 3 months off in the summer to travel and enjoy the hot weather and beaches of Portugal and Spain. And I usually take 8 weeks to 10 weeks in the winter to travel to cold and icy countries.

I think that because I was born in Africa that I have a great love for animals, nature and all things wild. I love spending time at the beach, exploring forests and old ruins, hiking in mountains and camping in all these places. I enjoy sports such as mountain biking, mountain hiking, swimming, surfing/bodyboarding, skating and paintball.

My hobbies include, reading, artistic sculpturing, drawing, photography, travelling and cooking. My interests vary from film and cinema, music, most types music festivals, full moon beach and forest parties, clubbing...(i like to party)...

Music is a big part of my life, its a must have for my travels...

I joined Travelgirls to meet people from all over the world so I could better understand different cultures and hopefully find someone to share my experiences and travels with. You can say I have an inquisitive nature and a adventures spirit.So I'm hoping to meet someone who is as adventurous and inquisitive as me, someone who loves to travel and is open to new experiences.

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