49 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: Italy
Sex: Male
Language: English, German, Italian
Height: 182 cm (5' 11")
Eyes: Green

About me

Hi! Welcome to my profile. :)
If you are here, I guess you are open-minded, curious, and not scared by geographical nor age distances. I am not!

I love traveling, love finding new hotels and restaurants. Exploring cities and their hidden corners. Eating bread and chocolate while walking around in Paris. Or getting lost in NYC and finding a great little bookstore or a lovely coffeeshop, or yes! maybe a little new shoe-designer shop! :-)

I love shopping, but if your ONLY goal in life is to stuff your closet of Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags, Louboutin and Manolo shoes… Well, I guess there are other guys that match your taste better.

If you never read, same thing: we can't be a good match. Sorry.

But if you are explorative, fun, smiling, deep, interesting, smart, and sexy, then I am open to everything. Friendship, trips together, and whatever could possibly come to your mind.

Now, don't be scared by my words. I am the nicest, smartest guy you can meet. Only I am too experienced to try «roads» I already know I won't like…


Why I want to travel:
Traveling with someone nice, enjoying our time together, learning from each other, laughing a lot, creating great memories, taking pictures.

PS: I already have two lovely sisters. No need for a third one ;)

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