58 years

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City, Country: Albert City, United States
Sex: Male
Language: English
Height: 151 cm (4' 11")
Body type: Athletic
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

About me

How are you doing ?...To tell you more about me.I and my wife Theresa had been married for exactly 12yrs when she got an offer that would change our lives.And she passed away and my Son was 5years when she died...And now my Son is 18yrs old now and i have no family,My father and mother passed away for so many years and I am the only Son of my parents...I am a self employed contract engineer...What do you do?
At the time, we were like any newlyweds, trying to settle into our new lives together as husband and wife. We’d dated for over Twelve years before she passed away.No, not much had changed between us. Before long, however, we were admitting at least to each other that perhaps marriage did make us feel better about things. It was like we were being pulled by something larger than either of us, as if we’d been entered into some sort of competition to which someone had neglected to tell us the rules. Still, we were proud to be married to each other and excited to wake up with one another for the rest of our lives. Anything else was peripheral.The truth was, as much as we loved the Area, we’d never intended to stay there for as long as we had. A year turned into five, and although we’d been in our current, tiny apartment in San Antonio for only eleven months, already it was beginning to feel restrictive and tiresome. In fact we’d been talking about
moving anyway; it’s just that at that point we were only considering a move back into the City or up a little farther to Texas . And so the seed had been planted in me and I will want you to join me in planting the seed together.Throughout all of it we've been very happy since we've been together, drank lots of wine, reminded each other everytime we've been together and since she passed away i never meet any woman like her to be with since she passed away and i think you're the one am searching for....Is that you?....And how long have you been on dating site....Tell me more about you....
I Care...

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