59 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: United States
Sex: Male
Language: English, Spanish
Height: 180 cm (5' 11")
Body type: Curvy
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown

About me

Adventure traveler and explorer.

I travel 10 months per year and am living the dream.

Host and Producer of Television show featuring wild animals in remote exotic places worldwide.

Extensive travel throughout the world including expeditions into the Amazon Jungle, Africa, South Pacific Islands and Asia.

I use travel friends to assist in filming, presenting local culture and participating in some extreme sports. We always have a great time and experience some incredible places and meeting some very different people throughout the world.

Travel partner would need to be very adaptable. Should be able to be comfortable in a tent camp in Africa as well as a 5 star Hotel on an Island beach.

Has to love adventure and experiencing places and different cultures on earth that very few people get to see. Traveling to extremely remote places from the mountains of western Mongolia to the African deserts to the wilds of the jungles in the Amazon!

Looking for someone that also wants to enjoy extreme sports like bungy jumping off the Blaukran's Bridge in South Africa, or diving with the Great White Sharks in the Indian Ocean, skydiving or flying with me in my microlight airplane!

Also needs to speak English. Other languages are a bonus depending on countries we visit.

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