48 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: Switzerland
Nationality: Swiss
Sex: Male
Language: English, French, German
Height: 183 cm (6' 00")
Body type: Average
Hair: Brown

About me

Dear Ladies, Don't be shy......just try!
Please add some sentences to your "hello"; otherwise I'm not interested. Please read everything first.
I'm a single man, never married, no kids. Open for new contacts. "Worst case" is to find new international friends, best case would be to find the one and only. Of course I'm not a dreamer. Online it's the same as in real life. Not every person which looks interesting from the first sight is the right partner for the rest of the life. Brain, eyes & facts help to choose; Heart will decide!
That's why I can promise u nothing than this: I'm real, honest, correct and hate if someone's playing with others feelings!
Where's the woman who like a travelpartner. Not interested for fake, games, jokes, etc. Of course, first a shorter travel is possible.....and make sense.
For me communication is very important; it's nice if u have a nice smile but that's not enough! Your language skills should be good to communicate without translator. At least English, German would be very welcome but I don't expect because I guess I do not speak your language so why u should know mine!?If you have a good idea for a weekend trip, let me know. I'm open for weekend trips wherever it will be possible to go for us. I also plan to go somewhere for one week (during June) and at least 2 weeks somewhere in July/August and more holiday left for October/November. If you have a good idea where we could go just let me know. Easy visa or visa free destinations preferred. You should be able to travel easy (either you have EU or similar passport or already Shengen Visa or can get it without problem).
Destination should be reachable easy for both (Switzerland & your place) or it should be possible for you to make stopover in Switzerland.
Want to travel soon but not alone. It's difficult to coordinate holidays with friends due to different jobs or they are in a relation and I dont want to travel with a couple. Maybe you make same experience, it's more complicated than it was during my student time.
Let's discuss ideas and expectations.......as long as it's nice, good, interesting, fun and exciting. Only uncomplicated people please. I want holiday not problems! If you think you are the right one just let me know.

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