61 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: Lisbon, Portugal
Sex: Male
Language: English
Height: 178 cm (5' 10")
Body type: Average
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

About me

Behind every successful man there is an amazing woman. I am honest, genuine and very worldly. My friends tell me that I have a deep sexy voice, very easy to talk to and that I am smart, sophisticated (when I have to be) charming (in the nicest possible way), kind, generous, and very affectionate (and of course, modest). I am a fun loving man with a great sense of humour. I enjoy life, being happy, dancing (Ceroc, Salsa, Latin, and Ballroom), diving, bridge, films, Computers and Gadgets. I am, some would say "old fashioned" because I love to open doors, give flowers and chocolates, although modern, as I treat women as my equal, although I must admit like most men I cannot multitask. After being a pilot for many years flying Big Boys Toys (Executive Jets) I have developed and created many high tech tracking products. I am a genie ass with electronics and computers. I am very tactile, impulsive and spontaneous, and like to make instant decisions (I always follow my heart) I have a lot of fire and passion, tender love and constant affection for the right woman who can be my best friend as well as lover and soul mate. If you are interested in me. Then this is what you'll see. A man who's proud and true. If loved will anything for you do. But first to get to know. To him you must show. A heart that true and pure. A body with allure. A cook that you can be. At least make a cup of tea. And in return you'll find. A man that's good and kind. I will make you laugh. I don't do things by half. To keep you safe and warm. Protect you from the storm. Our future we will make. As life is give and take. OK that is enough about me I would much rather hear about you. (I will rescue you if you rescue me right back)

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