49 years


City, Country: Santiago, Chile
Sex: Male
Language: English, Spanish
Height: 183 cm (6' 00")
Body type: Average
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

About me

I'm an active person, I like sports very much, play soccer, tennis, racquetball, go bike riding etc. I also enjoy other activities as well, night life, dancing, cinema, theater, concerts, etc. Dining out is big for me too ; mostly I enjoy keeping busy and doing things all day.

I would have to say that I think I'm very easy going and a down to earth kind of man, not terribly sophisticated, but can appreciate sophisticated things; nor am I a socialite, but I am very sociable; well traveled, well educated and tend to think I'm very sensible, and quite fun as well. Not really into expensive fashiony thingies though, for example I don't even own a watch, although I will spend a small fortune on high end audio equipment, as I love to sit down and listen to well played music.

I do have a very clear idea of the person I'm expecting to meet and what I do not want. I can definitely say that I'm neither looking for a dominant woman, nor a submissive one, also neither am I looking for a catwalk model, nor a rocket scientist ... just someone NORMAL. I'm a real man looking for a real woman with whom I can establish a true friendship and a bond of trust, these are from my point of view, key qualities that must be met so that we can get to meet.

I appreciate women who look after themselves, are classy and elegant, and know how to look good in every situation; although not looking your best in the morning is quite alright ;)

I'm also looking for someone who is not just fun to be with, but interesting as well, someone with some depth to them and not just intent on partying and shopping all day every day, with their biggest worries in life being getting their hair and nails done, I would appreciate someone who at least has some higher motivations in life, good set of values, sensible goals and expectations and can participate, speak, act and feel comfortable and be sensible in any kind of situation ...

I'm looking for someone I can actually spend my time with and share at least some common interests with, not just spend money with; that is way too easy and I can do it quite well on my own ...

I am trying to find a real woman, someone I can be good friends with, have good fun with, someone I can consider my friend, my lover, my accomplice and if you were to need it I can help you out and support you in many ways ...

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