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City, Country: Kiev, Ukraine
Sex: Female
Language: English
Height: 180 cm (5' 11")
Body type: Slim
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Looking for: Adventure, Soulmate, Job

About me

My name is Veronica.. I'm from Ukraine. My friends think, that I am pretty and I agree with them. I can describe myself shortly: I'm tall and I have a good body. My hair is curling and dense. They are shining in the sun like diamonds. My lips are full and sensual. Long shapely legs are a big rarity now, but I have them.
I have a clever look on my face and that's not only on it. My mind is clear; my advices help my friends in different situations. I'm very trustworthy person. I try to help people when they really need it. I hate when people lie to me and I try to say only truth. I estimate truth most of all. But most of all I want to find a man, who can give an advice to me, help me not only a words. I want to trust my future man as I can trust to myself.

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