46 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: Thailand
Nationality: Swedish
Sex: Male
Language: English, Swedish
Height: 183 cm (6' 00")
Body type: Average
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown

About me

At the moment I am living in Thailand!

...and at the moment I am unable to answer any messages here unfortunately. I would love to chat but I have let my vip membership lapse here for a while due mainly to time constraints.

For me this is as an experiment from beginning to end. I’m trembling as I write this but much like an alchemist in the old days would tremble. You see, I’m hoping to turn my love life to gold and find the fountain of youth. I’m aiming high, but have nothing to loose. Who am I? I am unsure, unafraid, scarred but unscared. The boring details are the usual... 40 years old, I’ve got a job and a place where I sleep and eat but who cares about any of that now when endless gold and youth awaits? Who are you?

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