63 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: Dallas, United States
Nationality: American
Sex: Male
Language: English, French, German
Height: 186 cm (6' 01")
Body type: Average
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

About me

I am well educated - chemistry and chemical engineering.

I like to visit historic places - Red Square, Newschanstein, Remagen am Rhein. My favorite place in Europe is Austria. I learned my German there so I speak it with an Osterreicher accent.

Ma Francais c'est pas tres bien, vive la France. I once had a lovely lunch in a little cafe down the street from the Sorbonne - they tagged me as an American tourist toute suite.

I have been in Red Square several times. I have strolled in the old Arbat in -25 and +25 weather. Also was once in Pskov, where Nickolas II spent his first night as a commoner in 1917. The Kremlin there is incredibly beautiful, and little visited.

When in the USA go to Salt Lake City and drive west - if you think you have seen total emptyness you must stand on the great salt desert sometime. And do taste the salt - as I showed the Japanese tourist who made my photo you see here. The white stuff is just that - salt. Climb the first hill in Nevada and look back - you will see that the world really is round - the highway curves back to the east.

I am single, no one to cheat on, can meet anyone on any condition.

I have been in Chile, many places in Canada (my family is Canadian), Vilnius Lithuania and Iceland (I saw the midnight sun).

Places yet to visit - Warsaw, Tallin, Oslo, Narvik, Romania (land of Dracula), Sicily, Singapore, Tokyo, Kamchatka, Lake Baikal, Baffin Island, Terra del Fiego, the Falkland Islands (or Isles Malvinas as my ex Aregentine gf would insist).

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