39 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: Grand Rapids, United States
Sex: Male
Height: 177 cm (5' 09")
Body type: Athletic
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black

About me

Hi I'm gonna keep this Short, Simple, and Sweet but SPICY like it should be 4 now ladies of the world. But not because that who I' am when you come to see me so IM a big strong long thick Haired lol MAN just dont want to bore you to death telling you that I looking for a 5'5" 120lb blondshell with very nice figure so we can talk to each other LOL Real hard too believe. Well i'm not trying to Just TALK with you I want to talk to you tell you what I really want and and you tell me what you really want me to do with you & I think that if we are open to going down deeper together then I will go deep with you at the drop of a line call email or just drop your panties down to the floor I will cum to you and you will cum on me ask me what I like and I WILL tell it to you and then GIVE it all the time.

Re- read the first paragraph until it becomes apparent what YOU think I am wanting to do then see if woman t
I want to first of all say Hi and thank you for looking at my profile. Even if you don't Holla at me it just nice to know that you took the time out of your day to see what I'm about. I mean just being honest that's why were here and everyone has there reasons that they have for looking here and all of the reasons have one thing that binds them regardless of the why that motivate them. Can you guess what it is that gives all of us the reason that you have cum here? Is it obvious to you yet. If you dont know then you are definately in the wrong world right now. We're all here to find some one that will be a connection of some type. You are over seas and wish that you can get to America maybe or maybe you're like me and am looking for adventure in life and think that life is become a boring day in and day out routine and you want to find someone that puts life back into you life. better to have done with my life what iwant to then to let life pass me by.

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