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City, Country: Minsk, Belarus
Sex: Female
Language: English, Russian
Height: 176 cm (5' 09")
Body type: Average
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Brown
Looking for: Friends, Adventure, Soulmate

About me

truly appreciate and I love a few people, and you should not call them names, I think they already know it, others do not get me wrong, I love you too, but somehow less rovnenko. I can not hate ... in fact in my life I never hated nobody. I dislike it, trying out some disdain, but never - to hate ... I'm scared of loneliness ... Yes, sometimes it is necessary but not loneliness, and some time alone. but not alone, loneliness - a viscous deep emptiness that fills every nook of your consciousness. loneliness - is when you're wiped out of life. I have not experienced it fully ... except that sometimes come in contact. long. and perhaps it too was an illusion .. I'm afraid of empty eyes ... and perhaps most of all I'm afraid to look into the eyes of a dear person to me and see where darkness and cold ... it is difficult to understand, it should feel. and even the enemy I did not want to dive into this deep cold, full of prickly shards of indifference .... I am afraid of treachery. You never thought about that there, on the other side of the mirror? Look. Just what you saw in the mirror itself - such a beautiful, smiling - and now, after a moment, nothing. Something subtle way in my soul: for a short time it becomes empty. That leaves her? First of all - faith.

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