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City, Country: Slavutich, Ukraine
Sex: Female
Language: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Height: 168 cm (5' 06")
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Looking for: , ,

About me

✿ܓ Me everything interests that can give me force and self-trust... Everything, than I could admire... Everything that I wouldn't like to lose and certainly everything that can make me happy =)... I love sincere, open people! ✿ܓ CAMPAIGNS!!! Rock-climbing =) Speleoturizm =) Roupdzhamping =) Kayaks / кайтеры =) Parachuting =) Conducted-sports =) IN GENERAL ANY EXTREME SPORTS... ✿ܓ the Ice SKATING RINK (not super-puper-pro but ездию somehow))) ✿ܓ Latin American and in general any different Dances-SEARCH of the PARTNER!!! (A salsa, реггентон...))) ✿ܓ GRAFFITI, drawing, artists... ✿ܓ Koshachie... ммм... I like to hang out at exhibitions of cats) ✿ܓ Oriental combat sports (I like to look, itself hasn't reached yet... And in general the EAST ✿ܓ East, exotic dances ✿ܓ Anime ✿ܓ Good CINEMA THEATRE. миного them... My interests;)))
Favourite music:
Эллизиум "Rock-climber" (this mine))!... The Mill, Surganov and the Orchestra, Ocean Elzy, Friend Rika. Mm. Their style)) a dzhazo-blues... Goa-trance)))... SISTEM OF A DOWN (Toxicity, B.Y.O.B., Radiovideo, Question!...)... Morandi "Аngels", Fall Out Boy ("Thank Fоr The Memoris", almost all)... Tina Karol... Maxim... An opera in совр. To processing, a guitar... Дидюля... A flute (!), a harp, a contrabass, a violin, Arabian, east (something like "Arash", but another), Ukrainian-national:) ФОЛК :) Mozart, Iogan Bach, Vivaldi (but it is rare under a spirit). And in general оочень it is a lot of... ;))))

Favourite books:
Adventure novels I love, psychology =) Mark Tven of "the Adventure of Volume of Sawyer", Daniel Defo "Robinzon Crusoe" (the class uncle))), A.Grin "Crimson sails", Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliette", Bulgakov "the Master and Margarita", Richard Bach: "Illusions", "the Directory of the Messiah", "If you not a donkey or how to learn суфия?" Tolstoy "War and peace", Sholokhov "Quiet Don", Certainly Pushkin, Ahmatova, Mayakovsky and Yesenin... Classics... ;)))
Favourite games:
вай for a long time this such was... Heroes 3, "тэтрис on мобилке", Mario... A blind-man's-buff... ;)))
Favourite citations:
Serious face yet a sign of mind, the Lord... All greatest nonsenses on the earth are made with this look... Smile, misters! Smile!
Baron Mjunhauzen)))

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