39 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: Canada
Sex: Male
Language: English
Height: 178 cm (5' 10")
Body type: Curvy
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

About me

Well why am I here? I don’t really have a main reason.
I am a young business man with a family (a wife and a son) my son is my life but lets say I do have a down side in my marriage but I am not complaining.
I do like to make friends from all over, I like talking and chatting to ladies from around the globe, I am not looking for a serious relationship, only serious friendship at the time being.
I do a lot and a lot of traveling because of my work and it would be nice to have friends wherever I travel, so maybe friendship here can grow to become a real friendship in the real world not only the virtual one. And who knows maybe it can grow more.
I can’t say I am not looking for fun, at the end of the day I am a man, but an honest one, people say I not bad looking, and that I am a real gentleman and a very romantic guy, Generous with whom I like and I adore sweetness and kindness, and sometimes wildness.
My picture is available by email.

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