58 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: Penzance, United Kingdom
Sex: Male
Language: English
Height: 174 cm (5' 08")
Body type: Average
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown

About me

Iam David age 51, a very well loved person by many in my community,being part of a community and geting involved is so important especially in the summer months.I do like running so for me taking part in many Marathon 26mile marathons thats my biggest challenge yet raising much money for charity it certainly makes life worth living.

Iam 5"8 and with blue eyes medium build a very outgoing person,I do make a brilliant friend make others laugh,being in touch with people makes me happy on a daily basis.

We all are friends to each other in this world lets link and join hands now, the world needs friends,love your children love your neighbour love the world.

My town is not to big Penzance in the west of Cornwall,Cornwall as some will no is a place and the surrounding villages towns as much beauty , you could say Cornwall as its beauty all year round.

stay cool.

Having interests ranging from Art,cooking,outdoors,sports,nature,wildlife,monumental standing stones,castles, history,conservation,camping.cool mainstream to R&B To Pop,a cool nite would be a lovly place where the music is romantic not to load where you can enjoy one anothers talk throu the day.

Dolphins I love,spend many hours with my uncle obseving them in a place called the lora park a few yrs ago which was a one off and spend 2yrs there in Spain on the Carnary Islands,wot a exciting thrilling time that will stick with me for life.

birth date is Cancer star sign,Iam very energetic, adventurous,love cooking walking nature the sea love dolphins just wish one day I can swim with them.I was married now divorced will not go into detail on this.I have a son Paul and a daughter Sarah who both are grown up now.I live on my own,I had a serious accident back in 1979 and Iam very open about this also at the same time very happy.Penzance is my town which is in the very far west of Cornwall, England.

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