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City, Country: Moscow, Russia
Sex: Female
Language: English
Height: 172 cm (5' 07")
Body type: Slim
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Looking for: Friends, Adventure, Soulmate

About me

A crazy Russian that loves life, ummm ummm umm, it's good. Love to laugh, smile, enjoy myself and others and flow with the moment reading omens and keeping my mind open **************************************** ******If I may continue POETICALLY: ******************************************** I'm Humble to kind people, and arrogant with assholes, smart with cooperative people, and dumb with the bossy, considerate to those that consider others friends, and ignore those that consider others foes, motivated when I’m inspired, sluggish when I’m being pushed, love the hatred and hate the fake love, but yet i hate 2 hate so i try to stay above it, impatient when excited and calm after attainment, but only for a moment, get lost in the moment yet struggle to focus, so fall back to, analyze the complex and appreciate the simple, disagree with the normal and enjoy being crazy, being unique yet fitting into the masses, being different yet accepted, being comfortable through awkward situations and being honest when others fake it, telling the truth but being nice about it, and tell lies never, that’s for weak people that would rather blind their self-deceit, clever yet clumsy. I understand I’m a walking contradiction but I’m trying to find the happy medium between being sensible and senseless, I’m a medium for portraying the beauty of balanced conflict, I’m ambitious with my dreams, and grounded with calculated goals, tough when I need to be and weak when I’m on my knees, praying, spiritual yet wild, hyped up yet centered, read other people real well yet can’t hide what I’m feeling/thinking, deal my own cards dealing with what life throws me

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