39 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Sex: Male
Language: English, French, Hebrew
Height: 173 cm (5' 08")
Body type: Slim
Eyes: Brown

About me

All the obvious qualities one would say of themselves could be listed here (smart, fun, etc.) everyone thinks that of themselves, no? I would say I am pretty good at making people feel comfortable and getting a laugh or smile from even the toughest cookies. I've always loved meeting new people, casually, professionally or romantically. What I appreciate most is the non-verbal communication that goes on when two persons understand each other. I am pretty quick to make friends and I will stike up conversation with most anyone when in jolly mood. Otherwise I am curious about life, current affairs, politics, philosophy and will easily be drawn to an intelligent conversation on any topic even if its likely to be long and inconclusive. I take an active role in trying to improve myself as a person. I have a patently Cartesian mind. I am generous in love and friendship.

I'm thinking of going to Thailand over new years and will be going back to Burning Man (google it) next September.

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