43 years

Last activity: more than a week

City, Country: Maldives
Nationality: Maldivian
Sex: Male
Language: English
Height: 168 cm (5' 06")
Body type: Average

About me

What makes banf's is: Personality . I'm very positive about things in my life that i know i can make happen when my mind is committed. I love to smile and have fun. I more silly then anyone I know,but I can be serious when its time to be. I like to go where i see fit, for my mind body and soul can have peace. I hate arguing, fussing and fighting. I'm not perfect but I am down to earth. WHAT REALLY MAKES ME IS ME, and who I am within my self, WHOM GOD HAS MADE ME TO BE. The important thing in LIFE is too live to the fullest,set your mind on what you are able too do that no one else has the power to do. I'm different from others, I do listen, I encourage others,and people wonder why i never tell anyone about there situations,Why I don't spread others business/ Because It's not for others too know. I feel you tell one it stays with one. I want you too know im sweet, kind loving and very romantic, not boring but funny active,and I LOVE WATER. ( Beaches, Water sports etc).

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